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For damaged hair. This Intense Shampoo gently cleanses the from the pollutant particles removing all existing impurities. The purification of the hair strands make them more flexible and smoother.
The result is regenerated and hydrated hair.
This Shampoo contains no salt, sulfates, silicone or parabens.


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Parfait’s positioning is based on personalizing each person's experience. Therefore, Evan Care has developed a home hair treatment for every type of hair. Why "at home"? Because this stuff was only sold to hair professionals before. What works for curls does not deliver for blond hair, and all is good that way. With the Pure Care range, you choose how to feed your hair, and enhance its natural capabilities, reaching peak hair aesthetics.

  • Tailored for every hair type need 
  • Makes your hair soft and silky
  • Seals the cuticles, promoting shine
  • Moisturizes and restores the hair
  • Maintains capillary health and vitality
  • Makes the hair light and soft, almost liquid

The Pure Care Shampoo and Mask work hand in hand to deliver results to their full potential. 

For the Shampoo: In the shower: Squeeze a lump of the product in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together to activate and foam the lotion. Apply on your hair starting from the roots and all the way to the extremities (be generous!). Leave to work for 1 to 2 minutes before rincing your hair with water and following up with the mask.

For the Mask: Squeeze the same amount in the palm of your hand and rub together once more. Apply in the same way as the shampoo (from the roots to the extremities). Leave for 5 to 10 minutes (10 minutes being the ideal time).
This is where the magic happens, the more you leave it, the better the results, so don't be in a hurry, this is your moment to shine. After that rince with water and follow with the Oil Potion to seal those cuticles once and for all, and get them ready for a whole day of awesomness!

Your hair is thirsty, dull or uneven. You want to double down on moisture and boost the benefits of the other products. You want smooth, strong, supple hair strands with a visible reduction in frizze and increased radiance!

Got Sensitive Hair? Use Pure Care Balance
Got Colored Hair? Use Pure Care Color
Got Blond Hair? Use Pure Care Blond
Got Damaged Hair? Use Pure Care Intense
Got Liss Hair? Use Pure Care Liss







UP TO 98%

It All Starts With The Mouth-Watering Recipe


Revitalizes dry and brittle hair. Rich in lautic, myristic and oleic acids, it rebuilds and strenghthens.


Source of ssential vitamins and lipids. Natural emollient that moisturizes, shines and seals.


Quickly absorbed hydration. Anti-inflammatory and fights dandruff. 


Due to its low molecular weight and double positive charge, arginine is able to penetrate easily into the hair.


Very high nutritional value. Rich in lipids, it restores the natural layer of fat that surrounds the strands.


 Replenishes keratin lost by the hair fiber. Rebuilds the hair from the inside out, stronger than ever.


Deeply hydrates. Decreases frizz and reduces split ends. Antifungal and bactericidal.



It All Stars With A Healthy Attitude

Like the blossom of a flower, extending its arms towards the life-giving sun. A new and fresh take on hair care, one that is promoting fast, palpable change at incredible rates.

Unlocking the full potential of the line

Generously packed in well-thought sizes, the PURE CARE line delivers the basics of a hair care routine rich and diversified, but also one that works in an intricate complexity that is not only limited to the shower.

Read our guide on how you can unlock the full potential of the line and make it work for you maintaining and recovering even the most damaged of hair.

"With Pure Care I wanted to materialize
and bottle the refreshing feeling of the SPA experience.
The idea was to create an all-encompassing line, rich and broad." 

Flavia Souza
Founder Of EVAN CARE

Pure Care, The Whole Deal.

  • Pure Care Curly for curly hair
  • Pure Care Balance for sensitive hair
  • Pure Care Color for colored hair
  • Pure Care Intense for damaged hair
  • Pure Care Blond for blond hair

Get More "Your Hair
Looks Nice Today"s

Our enriched formula will make you (and others) see results as fast as the first week.
Done naturally, Pure Care provides healthy, shiny, yummy, good looking hair that flows like water.

Good Things Come In Pairs

The before and after of your hair care routine, bundled together.

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