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How To Take Care Of Thin Hair

How To Take Care Of Thin Hair

Fine hair can be brittle and often suffers from coloring, lightening, and straightening. It usually has super oily roots with almost all products.

Is your hair thin, or do you want to learn more about it?

There are two types of fine hair.

The genetically fine ones were inherited from the mother or father. And those who have thinned due to chemical products, aging, or some health anomaly. 

If you have fine hair, you should avoid: 

  • Bath with hot water.
  • Constant use of flat iron, dryer, and curling iron - if you want to use it anyway, don't forget the Thermo Defender.
  • Excessive chemical procedures (can lead to keratin loss).

If your hair has thinned and you don't know why look for a nutritionist or doctor. Here are some biological factors that may thin your hair:

  • Very strict diets with big weight loss.
  • You are deficient in B vitamins and iron.
  • Thyroid problems and other hormonal changes.

The lack of correct hair hygiene and the accumulation of residues can obstruct the wires and accelerate the thinning. 

If you have delicate and sensitive hair, genetically or because it has thinned, wash it with the Pure Care Balance Shampoo, which gently cleanses and maintains the hair's natural oils. Use the Pure Care Balance Maks that nourish your hair without leaving it oily.

Composed of more than 98% natural ingredients, they have everything fine hair needs to be healthier and robust.

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