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5 Reasons Why An After-Sun Fluid Isn't Just For Summer

5 Reasons Why An After-Sun Fluid Isn't Just For Summer by Evan Care

It's easy to get fooled by the writings on the bottle, but don't buy into that; An after-sun fluid serves more purposes than its name might suggest.

While some of the most harmful sun rays (the supercharged ones) are more prevalent in the summer, other factors on the other hand are met throughout the year and impact your hair and skin in more ways than one.

We've rounded up the 5 reasons why using an after-sun fluid should not only be limited to the beach or pool, and can be an integral part of your hair / skin routine.


1 - Less sun damage, obviously:

Any spots or darknening on your skin can be directly linked to overexposure to harmful sun rays. Sun damage is reponsible for the majority of skin conditions as well as premature aging, and for good cause; Our skin is not meant to be overexposed to sun and requires protection around the clock, especially the parts that are not always covered in clothing such as the face, the neck and the arms.

The natural oils and nutrients the skin and hair carry get damaged easily and this, translates by a change of not only the texture of your skin, but also its color and vitality. An after-sun fluid serves as a breath of fresh air and rebuilds any damage that has taken place by bathing the skin in nutrients and providing a much-need boost that revive your skin and hair.


2 - Helps your skin deal with clothing friction:

Clothes may feel comfy for you, but that might not be the case for your skin. Repeated friction causes the outer layers of the skin to flake and peel off even when the damage can not be noticed with the naked eye. Your epidermis is very sensitive when it comes to friction and if you've ever done a scrub, you know how easy it is to peel off the outer layers.

A hydrating solution comes then handy when you need to protect your skin from this. An after-sun fluid can be used after showering to create a film and avoid that burning or tingling sensation you might experience in thight areas that are more prone to this kind of damage.


3 - Offers a natural glow :

Glow is love, glow is life. Healthy hair and skin glow from vitality. Flimsy skin is easily recognized by its matte look with its rugged texture and flimsy hair can't to unnoticed. Using an after-sun fluid provides a natural glow that lasts all day long and one that you can accentuate with just a few more drops.

If your skin is absorbing the product faster than you can apply it, it means it's craving more, so don't be afraid to overdo it, because you can't.


4 - It smells otherwordly good:

Just enough to make heads turn while also being easy on the senses. You won't notice its smell because it's not overwhelming, and that's how it should be. Get taken to remote beaches with a simple whiff thanks to its coconut-based formula.

Helps conceal body odor which means you won't have to worry about that anymore. Your hair also stores much of its scent and it oozes out throughout the day, keeping you feeling fresh and helping you get over those days when all you can think of is being far away, relaxing and basking in the sun.



5 - It prevents premature skin and hair aging:

Long gone are the days of crocodile skin and hay hair. Not only does an after-sun fluid prevent damage, it also keeps your hair and skin in a time-capsule of youth. Skin/hair-loving botanicals come into play and keeps everything youthful and vitality-full.

While burning UVB rays are more intense in the summer, UVA rays on the other end are present throughout the year and are the main cause your skin and hair age prematurely. An after-sun fluid solution, while not ray-proof, rebuilds the damage done on a daily basis.


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