Our Story


To feel beautiful is to be beautiful


We empower the little things that make the biggest difference. Determined to share our knowledge of the beauty industry, knowledge that has been gathered throughout our many years as a private labeler, and package it in a single, all-encompassing companion that makes it ever so easier for you to care and love yourself.


Sourcing only the most generous ingredients


Those with proven benefits to your hair's health. It is by no accident that our factory is located in Brazil, at close proximity of the Amazon rainforests, home of the most exotic and unique fruits and plants that cover this green earth, some of them part of centuries-old traditions that are anchored in the culture of Brazil in itself.


Beauty with no compromise towards nature


Natural ressources used in an intelligent way help people and their environment. By sourcing these ingredients, we provide Amazonian tribes with a source of income that would normally be generated through cutting down trees.


For empowering women empowers women


"Empowerement is my aesthetics. To be that woman who roots for the other woman, tells a stranger she looks amazing today, and encourages others to believe in themselves and their dreams."