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How To Use A Shine Spray

6 Ways A Shine Spray Can Elevate Your Hair Game by Evan Care

A shine spray is your best friend, a practical little companion that keeps on giving until the last drop. It serves more than what its names states. It compliments your hair routine and we're here to explain how it does that so effortlessly. 

Here are 5 ways a shine spray can further elevate your hair game and make your curls (and even straight hair), bouncy, healthy and free from bad hair days, once and for all.



1 - It looks out for you:

A shine spray stands between you and the outside world. It keeps what's inside inside, and what's outside far and away. This comes in handy if you ever feel your hair is gasping for air. Pollutants make it take in all the nasty molecules and saturates its intake in nutrients. That's why it's important to lock and seal the hair so that it keeps on living in its own habitat.



2 - It's generously packed with nutrients:

Despite their size, shine sprays pack a punch when it comes to the nutrients they carry. The rich composition of the oil delivers all the important elements directly to the hair in just a few drops. The mango seeds butter is here to nourish, the vegetable collagen to rebuild and the coconut oil to seal and preserve. By bathing your hair in more nutrients that it can absorb, you leave it with enough material to grow, thrive and glow.



3 - It deals with split ends in a blink:

*Pshht-pshht* goes the bottle, and long gone are the split ends. If you feel your hair has started drying from the extremities this means your scalp might not be producing enough oil to keep up with the ends.
The vital nutrients that your hair consists of make a long journey from the top of your head all the way to the end of the hair strands, and this results in ends becoming all dry and susceptible to breakage. By using a shine spray and applying a small amount to the scalp as well, your hair and skin laze in a bath of nutrition that finds its way to all the right places.


4 - It keeps moisture in:

The layers of your hair tie together in quite a remarquable way and form a seal around the cortex. When those layers become loose or break due to wear and tear, as well as all kinds of unspoken deeds it goes through, the content inside literally starts evaporating in the air, and we do not want that. This is why helping your body reconstruct those layers is crucial, and by using a shine spray, you provide it with all the tools to build an even sturdier fortress, one that stands its ground to any outside factors, be it heat, humidity, or tight head wear.



5 - It shines, remarkably:

They're called shine sprays for a specific reason, they make your hair reflect life with the force of a thousand suns, and who wouldn't want that? Shiny hair speaks of health and energy, one that stays as shiny in the morning as it is at the end of the day. Feel like you need more peps and flicker? Add more, test your look, and let your creativity run loose until you achieve the glow that you're after.


6 - It helps reduce static hair

Static hair happens by over-brushing, humidity or even air-conditioning. The reason behind this phenomenon is the negatively-charged electrons flying off of your hair. This imbalance leaves your hair overridden by positive charges and these, resist eachother. If you've ever felt like your hair was doing what it wants and being unruly to the point you reschedule a meeting, static may have been the cause. A shine spray chimes in and rebalances the equilibrium through moisturizing and coating. 




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