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How To Fix Damaged Hair

Rewind The Clock On Your Damaged Hair by Evan Care

It can happen for any reason, any time; Over-brushing, bad hair routine, or just not having enough time or will to care. You check your hair in the mirror one morning and you can't help but ask yourself who switched scalps with you.

But do not despair, for your hair is not beyond saving. As a matter of fact, as long as you have hair on your head you can still save it. 

We've made this article to explain how any damage can be reversed so that you can rebuild your hair from the inside out using an assortment of products made for one specific purpose: Revive.




It All Starts With The Shampoo:

This is for the most part also where most of th edamage has been done. Regular off-the-shelf shampoos strip your hair strands from the fatty acids they carry and this makes your hair dry and brittle. Suflates are for the majority responsible for this effect as they pretty much eat away at the outer layers of the hair. Using a shampoo that is meant for this specific hair type is then key to start the rewind machine on your hair. The Intense Shampoo, rich itself in essential oils taken from Argan seeds and Caviar, provides the hair with the fats it needs instead of taking it away.

The shampoo also serves a different purpose, and that is prepairing the hair for what is to come next, and that's the conditioner which, in pair with the shampoo, are reponsible for the cleaning and revitalization of the hair.


Now Comes The Conditioner

After your hair has been opened by the shampoo and thoroughly cleaned, now is the time to give it nice gourmet meal and cover it in a nice blanket of love. You probably know the importance of the shampoo and the conditioner working hand in hand to deliver satisfying results, but we can not stress this enough.

The intense conditioner recovers the damage done on the hair extremities by gluing the split ends shut, and rebuilding the cracks develop along the hair. Make sure you leave it enough time to work its magic while you're wokring on your body in the shower, the more you leave it, the more it delivers.



Go Easy On The Drying

We get it, you're probably in a hurry and need to get your hair as dry as possible in little time, but at what cost does that really come? Putting your hair dryer on max setting and blowing it a few centimeters from your hair is the fastest way true, but one that takes a toll on your cuticle. Heat is the number one enemy and you need to treat it as such. 

Take the time to test out the settings of your hair dryer and make sure to use it far away and work your way in. Another way to do it is to start with the max settings first, and as your hair dries, gradually reduce the heat. This ensures your hair is not taking too much and is not over-drying. 

If your hair is curly, or if you are after a more wavy look with minimum frizz and enhanced definition, you should definitely consider getting a hold of a hair diffuser. These diffuse the air in such a way that it slipstreams over the hair.


Give Your Hair A Gourmet Of A Meal

Now that your hair is feeling relaxed, surprise it with a nice meal. The time to take your your hair out for dinner is now, and what better way to do so than with the Capillary Schedule Premium Mask. Packed to the brim with the most generous ingredients, from black caviar to coconut oil, it provides your hair with everything it needs to thrive and grow, from the inside out.

But how to optimally use a hair mask? While there is no perfect timing, the best window is when you have time to spare. When it comes to hair masks, the more you leave it on, the better the results, so you might want to take as plenty of time as you have on your hands. 

Begin by applying the hair mask from the roots, all the way down to the extremities. Being 98% natural and having no irritiating agents, you should not fear reaching the scalp, on the contrary. The base is where most of the hair nutrients remain before being transported all the way up to the ends, so you might want to store as much as possible, this way your hair finds a reserve to feed itself even when your hair routine stops being so timely.



Be Generous With The Oil Potions

This is what keeps gear running smooth and your efforts rewarded. Now that your hair routine is on point and aimed towards recovery, you need to keep your guards up, and this is exactly where a hair serum comes into play. 

Not a fan of greasy, oily hair? Rest assured, as the Perfect Purity Oil Potion is everything but that. It leaves your hair light and lively and above all sealed. A few drops on wet or dry hair are enough to create a barrier, but do not fear to go over-board, because you can't go wrong with the potions. If you feel your hair has absorbed most of the coating, make sure to use some plenty more.


Make It A Habit

Now is not the time to slack, you're almost there. You need to make it a habit and make sure your routine stays unchanged until the desired results have been achieved (but that doesn't mean you stop, you can just afford more slack).

This may take from 2 weeks to a few months depending on the nature of the damage, but one thing is sure; You will get there. Ensure and enforce your hair routine even when you don't feel like it or just not in the mood for that. Carry an oil potion in your purse and do not forget to take your hair care with you if you're planning a trip or just being far from home. 




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