Blond Conditioner/Mas Pure Care Evan Care
Blond Conditioner/Mas Pure Care Evan Care

Platine Blonde Maintenance 2in1 Conditioner & Mask | Yellow & Brassiness Neutralizing


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The Blonde Conditioner Mask specially treats natural or colored hair ensuring an all day shine and every day brightness. Eliminate those yellowish tones from your blond hair with our Blonde Hair Mask. The Hair Mask for Blondes complements the Blonde Shampoo by intensifying the blonde color and protecting it after the unwanted tones are eliminated. Our conditioner mask is infused with natural ingredients that help you achieve shiny, strong, resilient strands. Now you can easily keep highlights bright, preserve natural hair color, all while nourishing your hair with our deep conditioning mask.


  • Moisturizes and strengthens hair creating silky smooth hair
  • Revives highlights and prevents discoloration
  • Nourishes hair
  • Neutralizes yellow and grey tones
  • Free of harmful ingredients such as salt, parabens, & sulfates


  • Dermatologically tests
  • For external use
  • Ideal for blonde hair
  • Ideal for all hair texture

How to Use:

Apply to hair after cleansing. Leave in for 15 minutes then rinse. Use once a week or as needed.


Capacity: 500ml
Blond Conditioner/Mas Pure Care Evan Care

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