Making Your Liss Liss Longer by Evan Care

Making Your Liss Liss Longer

How do I make my liss hair liss for longer?

You could swear the last time it stayed straight for longer, and now you're not even 3 weeks in and your hair is already starting to do whatever it pleases. There must be a reason behind this, right? Rest assured, it has nothing to do with bad luck or not getting your money's worth at the hairdresser, just simple reflexes that make all the worthwhile difference.



1 - Understand What You've Done:

What do you really know about hair straightening?Now is the time to take a deeper look at the process.

Liss hair is the result of rearrenging the hair structure and rebuilding it from the inside out using the power of heat and the wonders of nature. It is the result of heat causing the disulphade bonds to move ever so slightly for the keratin molecules to find a place and seal in the cracks. This results in even, long and shiny hair strands that flow freely.

Now that you know the nature of the treatment, it's time to explore the options that you have to make the cracks withstand the trials of time (and carelessness) and retain the sealing as long as possible keeping your hair liss longer, the right way.


2 - It Happens Even Before You Start:

The Liss-extend process is a race that begins before the starting line. It begins by first protecting the hair from the treatment that it is about to go through. As you now know, heat plays a pivotal role in straightening and it can either make (or break) the results.

This is where the Thermo Defender  comes into play. As its name states, the thermo defender coats the outer layer of the hair strand so that it can be prepared for the iron: Here is how it works

As you know now, priming the hair and protecting it so that it can withstand the scolding iron is what you should be after. Heat is easily transferred using a medium (in this case the Thermal protector serum), this enables the heat to pass through the layer without having the contact of the damaging iron.

We've made an in-depth guide about the role of Thermal Protection (one that you can check here.)



3 - Pat And Squeeze, Don't Rub And Shake:

Little things that you overlook on the daily are what play a huge role in how long your hair straightening stays. One of the many aspects that we put emphasis on is how you dry your hair; Not with a hairdryer (as that is a subject that we have explored in another article) but with a towel.

Rub rub rub, shake and scrub is the fastest way to get frizz on your hair and even hair cuticles split open. You need to pat and squeeze your hair, gently and evenly, all in the way the hair goes. Takes longer, but you would not believe how it can impact your hair straightening.

4 - Cleaning It And Feeding It:

Great, your hair is straight. But for how long? The ideal answer is: as long as possible. By now your hair routine is on point if you are using the Pure Care Liss Shampo  and Liss Conditionner / Mask.



Your hair routine is what makes the difference. Your hairdresser strongly recommended that you use a liss-extend shampoo and conditionner (and perhaps even a mask), and this is exactly that combo he was talking about.

When it comes to the conditionner, ours also play the role of the mask that normally comes after. This new way to combine the conditionner and mask in a single package provides your hair with the necessary nutrients when it is in the timeframe it is most likely to absorb as much as possible (right after priming with the shampoo). Having a conditionner and a mask in one also ensure you use both and helps you make savings and time.

We developed special liss-extend hair shampoo and masks that work hand in hand to make your hair look as slick and even as it did when you had it done. 



5 - Prep Your Hair Before Bed:

Take the time to make it even and organized. You are about to spend 6 to 8 hours laying your head on a pillow, so you might as well benefit from this. Make sure you wrap and pin your hair (just make sure you are not suffocating it, either by using a headwrap that is too thick, or one that is too tight).

If you do things right, there won't be much to do in the morning aside from shaking your head and runnning your fingers through your hair. Thinking ahead starts with the little things.

Want to go even further? Invest in a silk cover pillow. The cotton ones not only absorb humidity from the hair, they also make it easier to get split ends from how rough the surface is.


5 -You've Lost Some Volume, Keep That In Mind

What good is straightened hair if all you want to do is get rid of it and get back to the volume you once had? But it doesn't have to be this way.

Straighthening takes away from the volume, and why wouldn't it? You applied heat to rearrange the composition of the hair strands and organize each hair on its path. An analogy would be tidying your wardrobe and realizing you have way less clothes than you imagined.

When it comes to volume, some tips to keep in mind: Avoid using heavy oily serums that flatten too much and make it look like your hair is fusing with your head. You might want to check out the Finishing Oil by Filler & Shield made especially for this purpose.

Squeeze a small amount in the palm of your hands and rub vigorously together to activate the product. Apply then from the roots all the way to the extremities and make sure you style you hair with your fingers as to give it the much needed volume. No need to rince it


6 -Account For It In Your Workout

If your routine consists of cardio, weight-lifting, or any perspiration-enabling activities, you might want to take that into consideration in how you choose your apparel (and this will also require some sort of headwear)

You might need to twist and turn, pin and secure, or tidy and even. We would recommend using a cotton head wrap as this will help in absorbing some of the perspiration (while also keeping your hair frizz-free).

Either way, whenever you need to work out, just make sure your hair is dressed for the job, like you would.


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